Nature Publishing Group Language Editing (NPG Language Editing) is a premium quality, English language editing service for researchers preparing papers for publication in international scientific or medical journals. Our focus is on improving the clarity and sense of the manuscript, so that your results stand out.
Upload your paper for NPG Language Editing and get these services:
High-quality editing by native English-speaking editors
Editors with a relevant scientific, technical or medical background that is matched to your area of research
A further quality assessment of every edited paper by an experienced senior editor
A transparent and easy-to-understand pricing scheme
Your choice of Silver or Gold service
Rapid turnaround and reliable delivery
Secure payment and upload of manuscripts
Discounts available on multiple orders and through a referral scheme
Feedback to help you develop your writing skills
Please note that editing of a manuscript by Nature Publishing Group Language Editing in no way implies that the article will be selected for peer review or accepted by a Nature Publishing Group publication or any other publication. The decisions of journal editors are based on the quality and suitability of a manuscript for that journal and are entirely independent of whether the manuscript has been language-edited by Nature Publishing Group Language Editing.

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NPG Language Editing aims to achieve the same levels of excellence in our language editing for which the Nature Publishing Group journals have become renowned.

NPG Language Editing guarantee.